The Blue Mountains – Sydney

It has already been two weeks in Sydney and my friend and I decided to take a road trip to the Blue Mountains, which she had previously referred as a “Must Do”. We decided to take the car and have a nice rid there on a Sunny Sunday. Just about an hour and a half (87km) west of Sydney it is a mountainous breathtaking region of New South Wales.  From what I could read about the history, before the human discovered the Mountains Aboriginal people had already been inhabited the area for several millenia – Pretty Impressive! By the way, it might be important to mention that the Aborigine has officially been recognized as the oldest Human Civilization in the world with most of the scientist dating the arrival of the first human between 40,000 to 50,000 years ago which can go up to 125,000 years ago in some instances. CRAZY! With about an average of 200 different languages that used to be spoken, just a few are only spoken nowadays…

So going back to our trip! The Blue Mountains are called that way because of the effect of the light – Basically, the Ultraviolet Radiation are scattered by particles in the atmosphere, which naturally cause this grayish/blueish color to anything that is seen for away… That’s the logic behind the effect but local people think that the Blue Mountains effect is due to the Sunlight reflecting off vapor from Eucalyptus trees. I am not a scientific so I can’t tell which theory is right or wrong…

It is a spread out and beautiful plateau to contemplate with mountains varying from 700 meters or so until 1190 meters. It is by far the best place to go when you want to get out of the city and breath some fresh and clean air coming straight out from the trees. I found this day being so relaxing, plus it definitely had an effect on me – It created a sort of awareness telling me to further respect the nature – We often take for granted the fact that we are surrounded by mountains and nature but never actually enjoy and/or respect this environment. Being a city boy I can’t say that I know the nature very well, but I do now respect it more and know more about what it can provide to me, which is I guess essential feeling from the nature that are crucial to any human beings… We should also not forget that if there is no nature there is no life! Anyway… I always loose the point of my blog post ahah!

The Blue Mountains remain a very touristy location, lucky enough we didn’t end up being there on a very crowded day! Along the way to get there, come a few different little very charming towns with each of them offering different sort of attractions and nature activities to do. We only went to Katomba which is the main town where the main panorama can be seen! Once in Katomba we went to the Scenic World Attractions, which according to the history was back in the days a mining area that obviously had a railway helping the transportation within the mine as we all know. This first original mining railway gave the history of what is today called “Scenic World”, which is a protected park in which you can experience Cableway, Railway, Walkway and Skyway across the mountains allowing you to discover from above up the amazing landscape! From Waterfalls, Mountain picks and walk through the nature that I called the Jungle! (b/c is really feels like you are in a jungle). It is by far the most beautiful and breathtaking landscape I have seen in a long long time. A mix of natural color and smells from the flowers, trees all providing us with oxygen. I keep great memory of this unique place on earth and will definitely go back to get more familiar with the area.

Most of Australia’s landscape is apparently very similar to this – Well I can’t wait to discover the whole country then!

I would like to deeply thank my friend Vanessa for this wonderful trip – A lot of great memories engrave in my mind!

Here are a few pics to give you a pre-taste of what Blue Mountain is about – Enjoy:

- Aborigine blowing traditional instrument didgeridoo:

Aborigine blowing didgeridoo

- Mountain – The Three Sisters:
The Three Sisters

- Blue Moutains – Water Fall:

Water Fall

- Blue Mountains – Water Fall

- Blue Mountains – Water Fall

- Railway


- Old Mining Railway – Trace of History

- Cableway

Cableway - Scenic World

-mmhhh, Birds I guess with Rock’n Roll hairstyle! – Skyway in the background

- Blue Blue Blue…

Blue Mountain


- A deep breath of fresh air!


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  1. Colossal post. At night, when the objective world has slunk back into its cavern and left dreamers to their own, there come inspirations and capabilities impossible at any less magical and quiet hour. No one knows whether or not he is a writer unless he has tried writing at night.

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